Thursday, September 11, 2008

memories of 9/11

This morning as "A" was getting ready for school I was talking to him about the significance of this day. It brought back a flood of memories. I feel a special bond with "A" in regards to 9/11 because I was pregnant with him at the time. I remember this day 7 years ago so vividly. When I first heard the news of the first tower being hit I was just getting off the freeway on my way to teach seminary. I was listening to a country station. I couldn't believe my ears. When I got to the seminary I called "K." He hadn't been feeling well and wasn't sure if he was going to go to his classes. He had turned on the "Today Show" and was glued to the TV. I remember how scared my students were. They ended up canceling school after the first class. The kids could stay if they wanted or their parents could pick them up. All of us teachers stayed at the seminary building and watched CNN. There was such a feeling of sadness, but yet our testimonies were strengthened that our Father in Heaven would protect and bring comfort to each of us. I have changed in many ways since 9/11. One big way is that I now have to sleep with a light on. I get very scared now when I cannot have control being able to see what is happening around me. Today after "A" gets home from school we will go to the "Healing Fields" and talk more about this day and the many brave men and women of this wonderful country!
God bless the USA.


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today is a very special day. not just for the horrible memories of the day but to honor those who were murdered by the cowards to did this horrible thing. the Healing Field with its many flags is a great reminder of the sacrifice these innocents made.