Thursday, November 13, 2008

all 6 on the floor

"all 6 on the floor" was the lesson that "A" learned yesterday (painfully learned i must add). yesterday i got a call from the school saying that "A" had cut his head and was bleeding--and that i needed to get there right away. i rushed over to the school (with papa--thanks dad!) and found poor "A" basically in shock and with awful coloring in his face. it turns out that he had tipped back in his chair, fell backwards, and hit his head on a table. so, off to the er we went. the doctor decided that he needed 1 staple--not a good thing to say to a terrified 6 year old. "A" jumped off the examining table and took off! after catching him--a close escape to the bathroom--and much tears the doctor said that he could glue it instead. he now has a big patch of hair cut away and bloodly glue on the back of his head. no shampooing for a week. yuck! the poor kid. it was pretty traumatic! the worst part was a minute after we left the hospital he feel asleep mid sentence. that was really scary!!! we rushed back to the hospital and they informed us that that is very common and it was alright for him to sleep.
he now knows that all 6 legs must remain on the floor!
the interesting thing about the whole experience was that yesterday morning during our family prayer i really felt prompted to pray for both of the boys' safety at school. then, 5 minutes before the school called i felt again that i needed to pray for them. we had a little lesson last night about the importance of listening to the holy ghost.
what a day!


Karlie said...

Poor guy. He is strong. A lesson hard learned I guess. I love prayer.

kener4 said...

Whoa, what a day!
I am so sorry that you all had a lesson to learn in such a hard way!
I will remember this story and when I feel prompted, I will pray!

I am so glad that he is okay.
I am also so glad I wasn't at the school when it happened. I think I would have lost it. I dont do well when it comes to head wounds ;)

We still need to get together for lunch! :) I miss you guys terribly.

auntie said...

So glad for prayer. And, so glad for glue. Can you imagine taking him back to get the staple removed?!?

Grapefruit said...

Yikes! The mere mention of a staple in my head would send me running too! Poor kid. Glad to hear you guys are all okay. D, I think you know the Utah ERs more than anyone else...

kmmclain said...

I'm glad he is going to be okay. My dad used to say scars give us character and tells the world that we are active!
As one who has had staples twice after C-sections, they are not very comfortable to remove. Thank goodness for glue!