Saturday, March 14, 2009

surgery update

we are home! we had planned to spend the night--but are home. i think that he slept better being home and being with his family. thank you mom, dad, aunties, and grandma "R"--we sooo appreciate all of your help and sacrifices to help us today! the surgery ended up taking longer than planned and was more intense than hoped. the cholesteatoma shattered the hearing bones and went 2/3 of the way through the mastoid. the doctor could not believe how big the cholesteatoma was and how strange it was that there were no signs of it. how grateful we are for our excellent pediatrican who found this!!!!!! at the moment, he has no hearing in the left ear. in 4-6 months they will go back in again--check for more cholesteatoma and put in prostetic bones. how grateful i am for modern day science! this is definately not the outcome we were hoping for, but i am know that the Lord is watching over him and that he is going to be just fine--of course he will--it's "m" we are talking about!
now off to snuggle with him!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


my sweet "M" is having surgery tomorrow. he has a cholesteatoma in his ear. basically that means that he has normal cells growing in an abnormal place. it grows like a tumor and has wrapped around his eardrum. they will have to lift up the eardrum to get it out. i am trying so hard to be calm and to put my trust in the Lord. i don't know what i would do without the gospel or the priesthood in our home. i feel so blessed to have such amazing priesthood holders in our family--"K" and my dad. i am waiting by the phone for the hospital to call to let us know the details for tomorrow. i am curious to see if once the cholesteatoma is removed if we will see any changes in his speech. i cannot believe that he has lost 30 decibels of hearing. my poor sweet boy. please keep him in your prayers.