Saturday, April 26, 2008

i am soooo ready to be done!

okay, i am going to vent! i am soooo ready to have this little baby! i know, i know, it is way too early--but come on already! i had my ob appt. yesterday. my dr. had a family emergency so i saw one of his partners. when he came in to the room to see me he said to my "k" and i, "boy, it looks like this has been a really rough pregnancy!" that was an understatement! i am swollen, have infections EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!, and can barely sit or bend. i am grateful though for the many medicines that i am on! i think back to this time last year when we lost our last baby. what a blessing it is to have one on the way. but, i still think that i am entitled to a little whining!
sorry for the vent!
i will try to be more upbeat on my next entry!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


it has been far too long since i have made an entry. things have been crazy, and i haven't been on the computer much. i do miss writing about the events around here, so i thought that i would do a brief catch up!
* this little girl of our is wanting desperately to make her appearance! i have been on another partial bed rest to slow things down. i had both of our boys at 37 weeks, if that is the case here that means 5 1/2 more weeks to go!!!!!!!!
* "M" broke his collar bone while playing at a neighbor's house. he decided to dive off the little slide and do a roll. i didn't know if i should take him in to have it checked because he never cried--he just held his shoulder and wanted to cuddle. i decided to take him in and sure enough it was completely broken. this all happened the day before my birthday--not too fun. but still, through it all he never once cried! he is a pretty tough 3 year old!
* "A" lost his first tooth! i called some friends to hear what the going rate was for the tooth fairy. inflation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* i am really busy with pta getting ready for teacher appreciation week. i have really enjoyed being involved!

well, i think that that about covers it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

april fools!

I love a good joke! I do feel bad though about the one that I pulled on my oldest sister yesterday--well I don't feel too bad! I called her yesterday and told her that I had to go in for an ultrasound to make sure that everything was okay with the baby ( I was in the hospital AGAIN this weekend with more bleeding). I told her that the baby looked great, expect for they are now questioning whether or not it really is a girl. Boy did I scare my sister! She tried to be so brave, but the tears still came. She is as excited as I am about this little girl! She loves, loves, loves my boys--but is thrilled about now spoiling a girl! The closet in the nursery is already filled--thanks to my 2 sisters. After a few minutes I told her that when we explain to everyone that it is possibly a boy that we will also remind them that it is april fools day! It took her a minute to register that I was teasing her! The poor girl! I was a fun one though!