Thursday, June 26, 2008

the latest

so, things have not really panned out how we planned. how funny that i thought that i had it all figured out--"H" would come at 37 weeks, etc. prideful gal that i am thinking that i know all!
she is still happy and content inside of me. i am dying of heat--gotta love pina colada slurpees! yesterday we celebrated out 9 year anniversary. we definitely didn't think that i would still be pregnant, so we had an interesting--but great day! i love "K" soooo much and cannot imagine a person more perfect for me! i spent most of the day in the hospital. steady, big contractions--but one problem. my cervix is now posterior. until it moves, even though i contract like crazy--i will not go further than the 2 that i am at. i have an induction scheduled--my dr. cannot get me in until 7/9--my actual due date! yikes! then, last night "M" started vomiting and diarreha. poor kid. he has been sleeping for about 3 hrs. now. needless to say, none of us have had much sleep. so, i cannot believe that i am saying this, but i really hope that "H" doesn't come today! i need a nap!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


this little girl inside of me most definitely is trying to make a point! she is not her brothers and will come when she is good and ready (which really is a good thing, but i am sooo tired of thinking that "it's time!!!!!!!" on friday my contractions were very consistent and i thought that "it was time!" so we went to the hospital--again--i really feel foolish, but what else can i do? i was checked at the ob at my appt. on tuesday--still a 1 1/2. when i was checked on friday i had gone to a 2! i have never done that before without being in the hospital--i was so excited! the contractions were consistent and we thought that it was "the day!" we then walked for 30 min. i became a "stretchy 2." an hour later when i was checked the nurse couldn't find my placenta. that was strange! i was hoping that that meant that i had fully dilated! but, no--she found it about 10 minutes later--still at a 2. so discouraging! i am so grateful though for a patient husband, parents--my mom sits in the waiting room and my dad has our boys, and sisters. we are a blessed family. let's just get this little one here safe and soon (for my sanity!)

today is my parent's 46th wedding anniversary! i love them both sooooo much! they are amazing examples for us! happy anniversary! i hope to give you a baby today!! heehee!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am starting to get scared!

Now that I will be having this little one any day--I am starting to panic! I have had really interesting labors and deliveries with both of my boys. I am starting to worry about the whole process--going through it again! "A" had a great delivery! I contracted the day before--but never anything closer than 10-2- minutes apart. This continued throughout the night. Finally the next morning "K" said that we had to go in. When we got there they said that I was on the "magic bed" because the contractions totally stopped. An hour later they checked me--I had progressed to a 4--who knows how?!?--the gave me my epidural--which was great--and some pitocin (sp?)--and a few hours later--2 pushes and he was here!
"M" was a different story! I had contractions for 5 weeks before he was born--just like with this one. My water broke--contractions stopped--we went to the hospital and were admitted. Got the epidural--nightmare!!!!!!!! My nerve was hit--i will never forget the awful zing up and down my spine!!! My doctor came in and noticed that i was not numb--AT ALL! but, I was at a 10. 2 pushes later he was born--but delivering the placenta--PIECE BY PIECE was horrible pain! When the nurse went to remove the epidural they noticed that it had fallen out! no wonder it hurt soooooo bad!
So, having all of this fresh in my memory has started to freak me out! Plus, my doctor will be out of town next week! He told me that he thinks and hopes that I will deliver this week. Lucky for me, in the past I have delivered quickly, but I am still really scared!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

amazing progress!

it has been so exciting lately to see how much "M" is improving with his speech! if you didn't know you wouldn't think that he has had any trouble with his speech. it is so great to have people comment on how well he is speaking. i am soooo glad that we caught the speech delay early. i am such a firm believer in early intervention! he is the funniest little boy and says that greatest things! one of our favorites was during sacrament meeting when he blurted out "my bum burped!" we have a family with teenagers that sit behind us each week--they always thank us for the entertainment. "M" is quite the funny one!
we feel so blessed to have these 2 incredible boys!
oh--exciting news--"M" is completely potty trained! there might be some regression when the baby comes--but for now we are thrilled!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


i have predicted 2 due dates since the beginning of my pregnancy. the first one is today (the 14th) and the second is monday (the 16th). i told my doctor about this at my last visit a few days ago. he said that those dates sounded great--so lets get her here!!!! i have been really dehydrated lately which has caused tons of contractions. word to the wise--DRINK!!!!!!!!
today our boys and the aunties are going to "build a bear." they each get to make an animal for themselves and one for the baby. "A" wakes up each morning telling me that it is almost saturday. this has been a much anticipated event. i am so excited to see what they come home with! thanks aunties! "K" has a business lunch--so i will be home alone--enjoying the quiet.
wish us luck on my predictions!!!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

a new countdown begins!

yesterday was a frustrating day! i saw my ob for my weekly checkup. we were sure that our date was 7/2--according to my last period. well, he told me yesterday that my 20 week ultrasound said 7/9 and he would rather err on the conservative side. he then told me that there was no way that i would be going to july, but he would like me to g0 as long as possible. his hope being 10-12 days. i don't know if she will last that long! i am at a 1--not too exciting, but i am completely effaced and she is at a -2 station--he said that she will not get any lower than that because she is my third. i love my dr. and am grateful that he wants the best for me, but i am feeling sooo impatient! i wish that i could just sleep for the next 2 weeks to make the time go faster!

on a more positive note--the boys are out of school for the summer. they both had a great year! i cannot believe how fast it went!!! looking back on it i think that one of the highlights of the year for me was getting involved in the pta. we don't have a lot of kids in our neighborhood so i only knew a few of the moms. joining the pta was such a great way to make the most amazing friends and to really get involved with the programs and get to know the teachers, staff, and principal. this year i was in charge of teacher appreciation! i had soooo much fun!!!!!! i really love the school and am so glad that it is where our children get to be!