Monday, February 18, 2008

it's a . . .

yay! we had our official ultrasound on friday and we are having a GIRL!!!!!!!!!! we are so excited--maybe some of us (me) more than others ("A"). a few weeks ago when i was in the hospital we had an ultrasound that also looked girl--but it was a little early. at that time "A" was informing us that if it was indeed a girl, she and i would have to move to africa. well now, bless his heart, he has had a change of mind--we are now having to move to australia because africa has poisonous ants. how sweet of him--don't you think!
we are so excited for this new upcoming addition!

Friday, February 8, 2008

watch out!!!!!

a couple days ago i was at the grocery store with our 2 boys. "M" was loving life in riding in the little car cart--gotta love those! he was steering and just utterly amused. as we started down a busy isle i heard him yell--"WATCH OUT! WATCH OUT!" i was afraid that he was going to scare the cute little old man near us--luckily he laughed and thought that it was really cute. he continued to do this several times in different places of the store. when i told my sister about what had happened she asked if "M" thought that I was going to throw up so he was warning the other customers. i don't think that that was the case. i just think that he wanted to let everyone know (and rather loudly!!!) that we were coming! gotta love the grocery store!