Saturday, October 9, 2010

i love fall!

i know that i am not the most diligent blogger or journal writer--i guess that i just trust that my old memory will remember everything. hmmmm, i think that i am getting too old for that to be the case. i will try to be more diligent, i don't want to forget how great our lives are.

i absolutely love, love, love the fall! i love the excitement of change--good change! my boys are back in school and have 2 of the greatest teachers EVER! i feel so fortunate to have them at the school they attend. a week after school started i received a call from the assistant principal asking if i was interested in a reading aide position. it is 2 hours a day--first thing in the morning. i jumped on it and have loved it! i am at the school all the time anyway (serving for the 2nd year as PTA president), but this is something a little different. it is so neat to see the kids that i work with as they start grasping things better and feel more confident. my sweet little girl continues to be such a joy to us. i love her and am so grateful for the wait that it took to finally get her here! she is such a wonderful addition to our family! my sweet hubby continues to work hard. i so appreciate all that he does for our family. i look forward to our little sunday night dates when we drink diet coke and watch amazing race. the house is all decked out with fun halloween decorations. my favorite being a little purple rug with witch legs that we have placed by the stove. it looks like she is under the stove. so cute!
here is the recap of whats going on. now off to create more memories.