Friday, July 18, 2008

what we do for our kids!

this morning i had an experience that gave me a new appreciation for my parents. the summer is half way over and my kids have not had any swimming lessons. i checked in how to register and when. somehow i got the dates mixed up and thought that it was yesterday. so, i drove over to the pool and got their at 5:30 right when they opened. come to find out--i was wrong on the dates. so home i went. once again, this morning i got there--this time at 5:15. i was the 5th in line. by the time it was my turn there was only one spot left in each of the levels that my boys needed. thank goodness i got there early. i felt bad for the others there, but was sooo excited that i was able to get them in. my boys don't know how exhausted i was today because of this--but i really don't care. i would do anything for them--just as my parents did for me.

Monday, July 7, 2008

no more lights!

Baby "H" is finally done with her lights! It is soooo wonderful to have her out of her "little tanning bed" and into our arms. Someone from church asked "A" how it was to have a little sister. His response was, "We never get to even see her--she is always under the lights." It has been great for the boys to be able to bond with her, see her, and touch her. They have fallen in love--thank goodness! "K" and I are trying to get used to not sleeping--it's been a long time since we've had a baby in the house--we love it though!
My family (and my mother-in-law) have been absolute lifesavers! My sisters took turns staying with us--someone was here 24 hrs. a day helping take "H" temperature every 15 min., helping with the boys, etc. My parents are my boys' favorite playmates! They have been to movies, restaurants, coloring at "Nana and Papa's", etc. The boys also had a fun sleepover at my mother-in-laws. We are so blessed to have the families that we do!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

she's here!!!!!!

our much awaited daughter has finally come! she was born on sunday, june 29. here are the stats: weight--7.5
height: 20 in.
time: 7:57 pm
she is beautiful! she looks like the boys--but has a lot of dark black hair. she has the same dimple in her check as the boys. she is precious and we are soooo thrilled to have here home! she has jaundice so things have been really crazy around here. we also found out today after having an ultrasound at Primary's--that she probably has reflux. she is sleeping in a little blue box with lights--that is hard because she can only come out when she is being fed. her levels looked better today--so hopefully we'll be done with the lights soon!
i am nervous about posting personal info on the blog--s0 if you would like to see a picture, etc. we are sending out a mass email. let me know if you want one!