Sunday, August 22, 2010

end of a great summer

i cannot believe that the boys go back to school this week. this summer has flown! we have had a wonderful time and have created many wonderful memories with family and friends. at the beginning of the summer we sat down and created a summer bucket list. here are a few things that we did: summer reading program, classic skating, swimming (and a ton of it!), walks, summer lunches at the school, scouting ("A" earned his wolf), visiting great grandma, boating with friends, REAL soccer game, going to Boulder, etc. we spent the day yesterday with our neighbors on their boat. we had a wonderful day--the perfect ending to an awesome summer. tonight at family home evening daddy will give the boys father's blessings. i am sad to see them go back to school, but am so excited for the great opportunities that they will have this year--1st and 3rd grade--i can't believe it!!!!!!!!!! sissy will miss them like crazy, but we will enjoy some much anticipated girl time!