Monday, January 26, 2009

nightmare of a weekend!

i am so glad that it is monday. i hope that this week can go a little better than the last one. here is a little recap of our weekend. friday--took "M" to primary children's hospital because he could not breathe or stop coughing. the doctor sent us there because he had progressively gotten worse throughout the week. sunday--i took "A" to church while "K" stayed home with the little ones. in his primary class they were learning about joseph smith and his leg operation. it is a very graphic story, but one of my all time favorites! i guess that it was too much for "A"--he turned white, slid off his chair, and started jerking around on the floor. by the time i got to him he was still white/green but completely alert. our good friend took us home and he helped "K" give him a blessing. in the meantime my amazing family dropped everything that they were doing and came to be with him and help us out. the doctor ran some tests--on his heart and a cbc. everything looked good. after a complete exam and the doctor speaking with his primary teacher on the phone he thinks that it wasn't a seizure, but that the story was too much for him. i pray that that is what it was! then to top it all off--baby "H" was in the kids care 2X last night with RSV. her stats were very borderline. she did sleep great throughout the night--so hopefully things will turn around soon! i feel so blessed to have the medical care that we do, the priesthood, wonderful friends, and the most amazing family in the world!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

blasted u.t.i!

ever since i had my second child i have been battling urinary tract infections. it got so bad during my last pregnancy that i was put on a maintenance dose of antibiotics. i still cannot seem to get rid of these awful infections. i always know when i get one because my back kills! i have been on meds for a couple weeks, but knew that the infection didn't clear. after a crazy night (thanks dad! you are the best!) of 3 tests (don't ask!) the dr. informed me that the infection had not cleared and that they would have to give me a different antibiotic, but that i would have to pump and dump for the 7 days that i take it. that broke my heart. first of all, i hate pumping!!!! second, i feel so badly not being able to nurse "H"--she just looks at me like i have abandoned her. i just pray that she will want to continue nursing. i went to prague for 10 days when "M" was 7 months old--he wasn't a great nurser, but didn't have a lot of interest when i got home. i just have to remind myself that this is important for all of us!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008--it really was great!

i have decided to take a break from taking down the christmas ornaments/cleaning and jot down a few thoughts about 2008. when i think about this past year i am flooded with wonderful memories, feel so blessed, and have seen the Lord's hand in our lives so many times. the highlight of our year was the birth of our beautiful daughter. she, along with her brothers bring such a tremendous am0unt of joy to our lives. i am also very grateful for our wonderful families. we love them and feel so blessed to have the friendship with them that we do. i am also grateful for the many, many dear friends that we have. (jess, we must have a pizza making party with non-alcholic pina coladas--heehee!!) our membership in the church is one of the main things that brings our family peace, joy, and a sense of hope. how grateful i am for a testimony and for the opportunity that i have to strengthen it on a daily basis.
i am excited for this new year! "A" and i started the day with a brisk walk--boy was it cold and i am feeling the pain now--which is a good thing!!
here's to 2009!