Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i'm still here

i really need to keep up on my blog. it is a great way to journal. things have been absolutely crazy over the past little while. i will give a little recap.

*both boys are in school and loving it!
*i am the pta president so baby "H" and i spend a lot of time at the school.
*baby "H" won 2nd place in the city baby contest.
*"M" is learning to read and loves it!
*the males (including daddy) are doing great and continue to progress in tae kwan do.
*after a few years of serving as elders quorum president my hubby is being released and moving on to another organization--should be fun!
*i am the den mother for the bears and wolves--so fun! "A" will be 8 in Dec. so i get to be with him. i am also helping with the music in primary--loving that!
*"M" had his prostetic (sp?) hearing bones put in--we will find out soon if there is any hearing. he was a champ with the surgery! (he has for all of his surgeries!)
*i had surgery on both of my legs--lovely veins after pregnancies!
*my sister-in-law is having a baby in a couple months--i'm excited to hold him!
all in all, things are going great! i feel so incredibly blessed to have the family, friends, and neighbors that we do!