Monday, November 16, 2009

my little princess

on saturday we had a fabulous girls day! baby "H", the aunties, nana, and i went on the trax to see the disney princesses on ice. "H" was all decked out in her princess attire--black velvet dress, tights, black shoes, and a lovely tiara. she was the belle of the ball (and i might add received several compliments). she is such a sweet little girl--and ALL girl i might add! she absolutely loved the princesses--especially ariel--she went crazy during the little mermaid portion of the program.

i am so thrilled to finally have my baby girl--and her gorgeous brothers of course! how blessed "K" and i are to have these 3 wonderful children in our home.
side note--my sister made the mo tab!!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

our little miracle!

this past week we had "M's" post surgery check-up to check if the prostetic hearing bones allowed him to have any hearing. after the first surgery he was left with no hearing at all in the ear because the bones had all been shattered. well----he can hear!!!!!!! he actually has better than normal hearing now!!! miracles happen! my favorite thing is when he tells me "mom! my ear is working today!" how blessed we are!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i'm still here

i really need to keep up on my blog. it is a great way to journal. things have been absolutely crazy over the past little while. i will give a little recap.

*both boys are in school and loving it!
*i am the pta president so baby "H" and i spend a lot of time at the school.
*baby "H" won 2nd place in the city baby contest.
*"M" is learning to read and loves it!
*the males (including daddy) are doing great and continue to progress in tae kwan do.
*after a few years of serving as elders quorum president my hubby is being released and moving on to another organization--should be fun!
*i am the den mother for the bears and wolves--so fun! "A" will be 8 in Dec. so i get to be with him. i am also helping with the music in primary--loving that!
*"M" had his prostetic (sp?) hearing bones put in--we will find out soon if there is any hearing. he was a champ with the surgery! (he has for all of his surgeries!)
*i had surgery on both of my legs--lovely veins after pregnancies!
*my sister-in-law is having a baby in a couple months--i'm excited to hold him!
all in all, things are going great! i feel so incredibly blessed to have the family, friends, and neighbors that we do!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

2 in school!

i cannot believe that i have two children in elementary school! "A" started 2nd grade last week and loves it!!!!!!!! "M" started kindergarten today--he was all smiles! he has the same teacher that his brother had--she is wonderful! i was so strange today to just be with my sweet little girl! we sure missed the boys!!! i feel so blessed to have the wonderful children that we do!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

happy birthday "M"!!!

my sweet boy turned 5 today. i cannot believe how fast the time has gone! he is such a sweet boy. he is my funny, crazy, always smiling, lovey boy. he is so excited to start kindergarten and to be at school with his brother. we had a fabulous party for him yesterday. it was a pancake and pjs party. papa told a "pop-up" story, decorated pancakes, gave awards, and played a game. everyone had a great time! happy birthday "M"--thanks for letting me be your mama. love you lots!!! xoxoxox!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

summer 2009 highlights

here are a few of the things that have made this summer so great!
*daddy had 3 weeks off! that has not happened in years (or ever, now that i think about it!)
* 10th anniversary trip to lava hot springs!
* summer school (for"M")--he loved it!!!
* bright ideas camp for "A"
* thanksgiving point camps for both boys
* swimming, swimming, swimming at nana and papas!
* having our neighbors home from hawaii!
* weekly library trips
* playlands
* sleep over at the aunties
* being with family!
* stadium of fire!
* ice cream
* popsicles
* tae kwan do

we have had a marvelous summer! we will continue to play, play, play until school starts!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my sweet girl

i cannot believe that my little "H" is one! her birthday was 6/29. she is such a joy. we love her so much! we had a fabulous little party for her. it was a princess party/pinkalicious party. she loves the book "pinkalicious" so we played off of that. she had the pink cupcakes, purple cake (from purplicious), etc. it was so fun to watch her with her cake. she is a lot like "A" where she was very careful at first, but then she really dove in! thank you all for spending her special day with us!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


my cute hubby and i leave tomorrow for our long awaited anniversary getaway! for christmas my sisters surprised us with a trip to lava hot springs. thank you! my wonderful parents also surprised us with "trip money"-how great! thanks! we are sooo excited to play! it has been a long time since the two of us went somewhere alone. i absolutely cannot wait! we will miss the kids dearly, but they are so excited to play with their aunties!
happy 10th anniversary honey (on the 25th)--love you so much!
thanks for asking!

Friday, June 5, 2009

last day of 1st grade

summer is officially here! today was "A's" last day of 1st grade. before he left for school this morning he said to me--"don't tell me that you are going to cry"--does this kid know me or does he know me? he has had a fantastic year. i have loved, loved, loved his teacher. she has a very similar personality to "A" so they really jived. i feel so blessed that my hubby, mom, dad, and i were all able to volunteer in his classroom. i will miss that group of kids. i am so proud of my sweet boy. he is such a joy--he loves learning and life. i am so blessed to be the mother of these 3 amazing children.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

last day of preschool

today marks the end of preschool for "m"--my sweet boy. i cannot believe that he will be off to kindergarten soon. it has been so exciting to see the changes and growth that he has experienced over the past 2+ years. he has come such a long way. i am so grateful for the many speech therapists, teachers, aides, and bus drivers who have made his experience so wonderful. no on to kindergarten!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

it's been a while!

it has been a while since i have blogged. my sister often tells me--"you should put that on your blog!"--but then i never get around to it.
so--i am taking a minute and just jotting down a few things that come to mind.
school is almost over for the year. i cannot believe how fast the time has gone. "A" has a fabulous 1st grade teacher. she is really wonderful! it is so neat to hear him recall his day. "M" will graduate from preschool in a few weeks. he has done really well--it is so great to see the progression in his speech. we feel so blessed to have the services that offered in our community. "H" is my little princess. she is the sweetest little girl. she is very pleasant and just a joy to be around. she loves her brothers and daddy and squeals with delight when they are around. she is rolling all over the place. i still love dressing her and putting her little bows and flowers in her hair.
last night "A" had a choir concert. as we were leaving i was chatting with one of the mother's. i then told her 4th grader how neat i thought he was and thanked him for being such a good example to the other kids. "M" chimed in--"just like Jesus Christ!"--hmmmmm--maybe something does get through to them!

Friday, April 10, 2009

great day!

the boys are on spring break. i love having them home (even though it is a lot noisier then "H" and i are used to. but--she is sooo happy when they are around (so am i)! daddy had the day off--so we planned a little outing. we took the trax (an adventure in itself) downtown. we had so much fun making up stories, looking at landmarks, and playing "i'm thinking of a number." we went to the downtown library. this is one 0f our favorite places. there is just something magical about libraries. after checking out a million books we grabbed some lunch and then took the train to the end of the line and then home again. it was such a perfect day! how blessed i feel to have the little family that i do. they are my life--my joy.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

surgery update

we are home! we had planned to spend the night--but are home. i think that he slept better being home and being with his family. thank you mom, dad, aunties, and grandma "R"--we sooo appreciate all of your help and sacrifices to help us today! the surgery ended up taking longer than planned and was more intense than hoped. the cholesteatoma shattered the hearing bones and went 2/3 of the way through the mastoid. the doctor could not believe how big the cholesteatoma was and how strange it was that there were no signs of it. how grateful we are for our excellent pediatrican who found this!!!!!! at the moment, he has no hearing in the left ear. in 4-6 months they will go back in again--check for more cholesteatoma and put in prostetic bones. how grateful i am for modern day science! this is definately not the outcome we were hoping for, but i am know that the Lord is watching over him and that he is going to be just fine--of course he will--it's "m" we are talking about!
now off to snuggle with him!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


my sweet "M" is having surgery tomorrow. he has a cholesteatoma in his ear. basically that means that he has normal cells growing in an abnormal place. it grows like a tumor and has wrapped around his eardrum. they will have to lift up the eardrum to get it out. i am trying so hard to be calm and to put my trust in the Lord. i don't know what i would do without the gospel or the priesthood in our home. i feel so blessed to have such amazing priesthood holders in our family--"K" and my dad. i am waiting by the phone for the hospital to call to let us know the details for tomorrow. i am curious to see if once the cholesteatoma is removed if we will see any changes in his speech. i cannot believe that he has lost 30 decibels of hearing. my poor sweet boy. please keep him in your prayers.

Monday, February 9, 2009

love is in the air!

this past weekend i attended a little get together that my friend tiffany hosted. it was a "mama's romance night." it was great! we talked about little things that we can do to improve our marriages, ate, chatted, and just had a great time! tiffany is amazing and put so much into this night! she even had goodie bags for us to put together for us to bring home to our husband (his favorite were the chocolate dipped strawberries!) thanks tiff!!! it was great and really helped me to remember how fun marriage can be!
when we first got married we decided to hold a "companionship inventory" (much like on our missions) each sunday night. we have done it off and on throughout the 9 1/2 years that we have been married. it is a time where we review the calander, set goals, talk about things to improve, and pray together. at tiff's party one of the girls mentioned a list that she and her husband made for one another. it was a list of 101 ways to show love to them. we decided to do this last night--it was awesome!!! we each wrote our own list--mine was "101 ways to love diane"--it was really neat. we then took turns reading our lists. it was such a neat way to be reminded of the little things that he likes.
5 minute rule--the 5 minutes before your husband leaves and the 5 minutes when he first gets home--make it pleasant!! don't throw the kids at him, etc. let him unwind.
this is something that i sooooo need to work on!!!!!
creative dates, love notes, etc.
i am really excited to take things from his list and try to serve him more.

Monday, January 26, 2009

nightmare of a weekend!

i am so glad that it is monday. i hope that this week can go a little better than the last one. here is a little recap of our weekend. friday--took "M" to primary children's hospital because he could not breathe or stop coughing. the doctor sent us there because he had progressively gotten worse throughout the week. sunday--i took "A" to church while "K" stayed home with the little ones. in his primary class they were learning about joseph smith and his leg operation. it is a very graphic story, but one of my all time favorites! i guess that it was too much for "A"--he turned white, slid off his chair, and started jerking around on the floor. by the time i got to him he was still white/green but completely alert. our good friend took us home and he helped "K" give him a blessing. in the meantime my amazing family dropped everything that they were doing and came to be with him and help us out. the doctor ran some tests--on his heart and a cbc. everything looked good. after a complete exam and the doctor speaking with his primary teacher on the phone he thinks that it wasn't a seizure, but that the story was too much for him. i pray that that is what it was! then to top it all off--baby "H" was in the kids care 2X last night with RSV. her stats were very borderline. she did sleep great throughout the night--so hopefully things will turn around soon! i feel so blessed to have the medical care that we do, the priesthood, wonderful friends, and the most amazing family in the world!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

blasted u.t.i!

ever since i had my second child i have been battling urinary tract infections. it got so bad during my last pregnancy that i was put on a maintenance dose of antibiotics. i still cannot seem to get rid of these awful infections. i always know when i get one because my back kills! i have been on meds for a couple weeks, but knew that the infection didn't clear. after a crazy night (thanks dad! you are the best!) of 3 tests (don't ask!) the dr. informed me that the infection had not cleared and that they would have to give me a different antibiotic, but that i would have to pump and dump for the 7 days that i take it. that broke my heart. first of all, i hate pumping!!!! second, i feel so badly not being able to nurse "H"--she just looks at me like i have abandoned her. i just pray that she will want to continue nursing. i went to prague for 10 days when "M" was 7 months old--he wasn't a great nurser, but didn't have a lot of interest when i got home. i just have to remind myself that this is important for all of us!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008--it really was great!

i have decided to take a break from taking down the christmas ornaments/cleaning and jot down a few thoughts about 2008. when i think about this past year i am flooded with wonderful memories, feel so blessed, and have seen the Lord's hand in our lives so many times. the highlight of our year was the birth of our beautiful daughter. she, along with her brothers bring such a tremendous am0unt of joy to our lives. i am also very grateful for our wonderful families. we love them and feel so blessed to have the friendship with them that we do. i am also grateful for the many, many dear friends that we have. (jess, we must have a pizza making party with non-alcholic pina coladas--heehee!!) our membership in the church is one of the main things that brings our family peace, joy, and a sense of hope. how grateful i am for a testimony and for the opportunity that i have to strengthen it on a daily basis.
i am excited for this new year! "A" and i started the day with a brisk walk--boy was it cold and i am feeling the pain now--which is a good thing!!
here's to 2009!