Saturday, May 31, 2008

not so fun comments

I am officially at the stage of my pregnancy where I am very ready to be done. I know that I need to be patient, but come on! Speed up time! It wasn't until the past few days that I have really started to feel self conscious! Last night we went to the school carnival. One of the teachers asked how much longer I had--she just couldn't believe that I wasn't closer to my due date. Do I really look that huge?? Then this morning I ran over to a neighbor's garage sale. I saw a gal there from our ward. She said, "You still haven't had that baby?" I am 35 weeks. In reality I could go 5 more!!!!!! I am hoping though that she will follow suit and go at 37 like her brothers! Here is to wishful thinking!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the bolder boulder

"A" went to Boulder, Co. this past weekend with his aunties to do the Bolder Boulder. If you are not familiar with it--it is a 10K road race--it is a ton of fun! It is very Boulder--complete with belly dancers and all. I could not believe it when my sister called to tell us that they had just come into the stadium. I am so proud of my little 6 year old! He has had a fabulous time with his Aunties--I must admit, they are very fun to travel with! My sister told me that he will have a hard time when he returns home because he won't be able to have cheetos with his breakfast!
On a fun side note--"A" won an IPOD from his school fundraiser! It was so fun calling him on the cellphone today to give his the news!
Special thanks again to the aunties--and for helping soooo much with the nursery!
I feel sooo blessed to have such an amazing husband, kids, parents, and sisters!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

it's ready!

the nursery is ready!
i am soooo excited! last night my husband and his buddy finished painting and putting together the nursery. it looks amazing! i am soooo grateful to have such a good husband--he sacrificed a lot of time over the past few days to get this completed. it is so strange to see the room transformed from a boy room to a girl room. it is really beautiful! the walls are a purple, ceiling very light shade of lavendar (looks white) and the trim is all white. the bedding is my favorite! the aunties (who else?!?!?) purchased the most precious princess bedding. it looks awesome! i am just so excited--i can't stand it!!!!!!!!!
thanks sweetheart--and barry!
now we have to go shopping for the new running shoes that i promised "k" if the room got done last night!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

false alarm!

on tuesday afternoon i started having painful contractions--the kind where you cannot walk. i got my kids to bed ("K" was at a meeting) and sat down to time them. they were close together and getting more intense. when "k" got home i told him that i thought we should go in. when i we got there and got all hooked up we saw that the contractions were every 6 minutes and some of them quite intense. after being checked (by a busy doctor--that is not fun--it hurt like heck!!!!!!), urine sample, and 4 hours of being monitored--we headed home. i was at a 1. the contractions are still going--but thanks to some pills they are not quite so intense or frequent. this little one needs to stay in for a few more weeks!
boy has the nesting phase kicked in!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

how to get to heaven

tonight before bed, we were reading to our boys the story from the old testament about the tower of babel. after we read we had the following conversation:

me: "is that how we get to heaven? can we just build a tower and get to heaven?"
"a": "no."
me: "so, then how do we get to heaven?"
"a": "we die."

very profound, huh?

Friday, May 2, 2008


a couple nights ago my husband and i attended the viewing of the son of our o.b. who had died of brain cancer. we had never met him, but after standing in the line to greet the family we felt so inspired by this incredible man. as we stood in line (for an hour--then we were told by some of their close friends to play the pregnancy card and go to the front of the line--because it would have been at least another hour more) we visited with some of his friends who had come from several states to be there. it was so inspiring to hear the stories that they told about Rich and his little family. he was a really remarkable man. there was a man there who was not a member of our church who had become a close friend of his while working in texas. there were people who knew he and his wife on a study abroad in jerusalem. there were people from kansas and minnesota who knew them as newlyweds. when we finally got to see our dr. he just cried and hugged us. he thanked us several times for coming and told us how much he loved us. we thanked him for being there through some of our most difficult trials (losing 2 babies). we told him and rich's wife how inspired we were by the conversations that we had with their friends. we told them that he sounded like the most remarkable man! our dr. told us that he was just amazing and that he must have passed the test that we are all struggling to pass--he laughed and said that rich passed and he (our dr.) obviously hasn't because he is "so old!" as we left there was a CD to take called "live rich!" that was their families motto. they said that Rich really knew how to "live rich!" his priorities were in line--he knew what and who was most important in his life. after the viewing we listened to the cd--I bawled. he spoke for about 10 minutes about what he has learned and then the remainder was his piano music. he was so talented. as we were driving home my husband and i were discussing whether or not we are the kind of friends that rich was to his. would people travel several miles to attend our services? have we left an impact on people? it was a wonderful, spiritual, thought provoking night.