Friday, July 8, 2011

still here!!!

i love reading blog posts. i don't know why i spend so much time reading about others and not writing about us!!!! i have a minute, so i wanted to jot down a little about what is going on with us. summer is in full swing here at our house and we are loving it!!!!!! here is a little update on each of us.

daddy--started a new job in april and absolutely LOVING it! he works downtown so he takes the trax each day. he loves the downtime as he rides--visits with friends, and even reads his scriptures on his ipad. he continues to take taekwando with the boys.

"A"--finished 3rd grade--rocked the standardized testing!!! loves riding his bike and playing with the neighbors. working towards his 2nd degree blackbelt, earned his wolf and bear--waiting to become a weebelo.

"M"--finished 1st grade--is an awesome reader!! currently reading the "big nate" series. hoping to earn his blackbelt in december. he is my lovey. he is so sweet and affectionate! loves to ride his bike and play with his siblings and neighbors.

"H"--just turned 3! i cannot believe it!!! she loves all things girl--which i love! her favorite friends are cruisey and roxy. she loves to talk on the phone. her new favorite trick is to pick up and ants and to bring them inside. a few days ago she came inside with a spider crawling on her arm. "look mama, my friend--he is tickling me." the look of horror on her face when i squished it was priceless!!!

me--as of a few days ago, i am no longer PTA pres. it has been a fabulous 2 years!!!! i am now going to be on the council level--i am excited for this new adventure. some of my girlfriends and i participated in a dirty girl race last week. nothing like trying to run threw the mud! we had a great time and are excited to do it again next year! last month i repainted our kitchen cupboards and drawers. i love how they turned out!!!! i painted them black and then distressed them. in june i attended youth conference with the kids in the ward--had a great time--manti pagent and boating! we have girls camp in august. i am loving having the kids home and cannot believe that the summer is half over.

there's the update--hopefully it won't take so long to get the next one!