Monday, November 16, 2009

my little princess

on saturday we had a fabulous girls day! baby "H", the aunties, nana, and i went on the trax to see the disney princesses on ice. "H" was all decked out in her princess attire--black velvet dress, tights, black shoes, and a lovely tiara. she was the belle of the ball (and i might add received several compliments). she is such a sweet little girl--and ALL girl i might add! she absolutely loved the princesses--especially ariel--she went crazy during the little mermaid portion of the program.

i am so thrilled to finally have my baby girl--and her gorgeous brothers of course! how blessed "K" and i are to have these 3 wonderful children in our home.
side note--my sister made the mo tab!!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

our little miracle!

this past week we had "M's" post surgery check-up to check if the prostetic hearing bones allowed him to have any hearing. after the first surgery he was left with no hearing at all in the ear because the bones had all been shattered. well----he can hear!!!!!!! he actually has better than normal hearing now!!! miracles happen! my favorite thing is when he tells me "mom! my ear is working today!" how blessed we are!