Tuesday, November 25, 2008

pumpkin cookies

my kids and i are huge fans of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. this recipe is super easy and so yummy!

1 spice cake mix
15 oz. can of pumpkin
1 pkg. chocolate chips

mix all ingredients together. bake at 400 for 12 minutes.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

story time

i love children's literature. i am so passionate about reading to my children. they have not missed a day of reading in their little lives. i grew up in a home where reading was such a huge part of our lives--in fact, all 3 of us girls worked at the library in our hometown when we were in Jr. High and High School. after speaking with some of my friends i decided that i would host a little storytime each week at our ward building. i love reading to my own kids and loved reading to my students when i was at ricks doing my student teaching. i hope that this will be a successful activity and the kiddos will enjoy some good books.

daddy is busted!

last night i was on the phone while our family was finishing dinner. "M" came in to the room where i was and said:
"she's eating all by herself!"
"what is she eating?" i said very concerned
"daddy is giving her applesauce."
that little stinker has her daddy so tightly wrapped around her finger!
um honey--applesauce is not a good choice for the very first food!!! oh how her little belly must have ached! i am not ready to enter this stage yet! let's stick with milk for a little while longer!

Friday, November 14, 2008

how hard can it be?

while i am writing this i am on hold with our power company. in august we bought an energy saving washer and dryer and were promised rebates from the power and electric companies. one check came (2 months ago)--while the other we still haven't seen. i called them a month ago and the said that they never received the forms from us. i refaxed them and was told that the check would be here in 3 weeks. today i received a call saying that they needed more info. what more could they need??? when i got the lady on the phone she that they had the info and that we would be receiving the check in december. i demanded to speak with the gal that i have worked with in the past. she isn't understanding why the check hasn't been processed either. what in the world? is it really that hard!
pet peave--when you ask to speak with a supervisor they tell you that there isn't one there because they are on vacation. do they all take a vacation when there is a problem.
how funny is this? the nice gal just said that she would grab the supervisor. vacation anyone?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

all 6 on the floor

"all 6 on the floor" was the lesson that "A" learned yesterday (painfully learned i must add). yesterday i got a call from the school saying that "A" had cut his head and was bleeding--and that i needed to get there right away. i rushed over to the school (with papa--thanks dad!) and found poor "A" basically in shock and with awful coloring in his face. it turns out that he had tipped back in his chair, fell backwards, and hit his head on a table. so, off to the er we went. the doctor decided that he needed 1 staple--not a good thing to say to a terrified 6 year old. "A" jumped off the examining table and took off! after catching him--a close escape to the bathroom--and much tears the doctor said that he could glue it instead. he now has a big patch of hair cut away and bloodly glue on the back of his head. no shampooing for a week. yuck! the poor kid. it was pretty traumatic! the worst part was a minute after we left the hospital he feel asleep mid sentence. that was really scary!!! we rushed back to the hospital and they informed us that that is very common and it was alright for him to sleep.
he now knows that all 6 legs must remain on the floor!
the interesting thing about the whole experience was that yesterday morning during our family prayer i really felt prompted to pray for both of the boys' safety at school. then, 5 minutes before the school called i felt again that i needed to pray for them. we had a little lesson last night about the importance of listening to the holy ghost.
what a day!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

future politican

well, i think that we may have found a possible career for "M". yesterday he and i hand delivered political fliers for my sister (she is friends with someone running for office). "M" had the greatest time hanging them on the doorknobs. he would run from house to house. he was quick and the smile never left his face--except for when he face planted on the sidewalk--yikes!!! he was adorable when he would get to the doors--he would say "they don't have one. here you go!" then he would hang it on the handle and off to the next house.
watch out! you may see his name on the ballot in a few years!