Tuesday, May 19, 2009

it's been a while!

it has been a while since i have blogged. my sister often tells me--"you should put that on your blog!"--but then i never get around to it.
so--i am taking a minute and just jotting down a few things that come to mind.
school is almost over for the year. i cannot believe how fast the time has gone. "A" has a fabulous 1st grade teacher. she is really wonderful! it is so neat to hear him recall his day. "M" will graduate from preschool in a few weeks. he has done really well--it is so great to see the progression in his speech. we feel so blessed to have the services that offered in our community. "H" is my little princess. she is the sweetest little girl. she is very pleasant and just a joy to be around. she loves her brothers and daddy and squeals with delight when they are around. she is rolling all over the place. i still love dressing her and putting her little bows and flowers in her hair.
last night "A" had a choir concert. as we were leaving i was chatting with one of the mother's. i then told her 4th grader how neat i thought he was and thanked him for being such a good example to the other kids. "M" chimed in--"just like Jesus Christ!"--hmmmmm--maybe something does get through to them!