Wednesday, September 26, 2007


okay, i know that i went off about how furious i was at the little soccer parents for bribing their children, but today i gained my own little appreciation for bribery.
my 3 year old attends preschool 2 times a week. he has a speech delay so they work with him on that and they transport the kids by bus. when my husband and i first heard about the bus we did not want anything to do with it. he is so young--are you kidding? take our baby on away on a bus--alone!?! well, now i love it! i am able to go to my other son's kindergarten and help out, exercise, run errands (alone!), etc. for the first couple times he loved the bus! he would just hop on and wave. then, all of a sudden he started freaking out! i could hear his cries as they would pull away and it would kill me. i have been trying so hard to figure out what was going on. he is super independent! in fact, this past sunday he sat by himself during sacrament meeting. we always sit on the same row. but, this week was the primary program and i was needing to sit somewhere else. but not him! he had to sit in "our place!" so, he sat alone and loved every minute of it! so, after much thought i promised him this morning that if he would get on the bus and not cry--we would go to the library and get a blue's clues movie and he could have 3 mini cookies (from a 100 calorie pack) while on the bus. it did the trick!!!!!! i was so thrilled! let's see how next week goes. keep your fingers crossed!


Janice said...

Victory indeed!

The Badgers said...

That's weird I wonder what caused the change? But, I agree bribery can be used in good ways, especially when it is helping your child learn something.

sara said...

bribery is such a dirty word. i like to call it POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT.

and yes, i am a big fan of positive reinforcement!