Wednesday, December 12, 2007

we are having a guest stay with us for christmas!

yesterday my son's kindergarten teacher approached me and asked if we would keep the class goldfish over christmas break. i smiled and agreed. i then said, "you picked us because you knew that if it died we would replace the silly thing and no one would no the difference." for those of you who know me well--you know that i am anything but an animal fan. i was not pleased this summer when my son came home from camp at thanksgiving point with a goldfish. i knew that it would die--sure enough--3 days later the blessed spidey was gone. only to be replaced with hulky the beta fish who has a life expectancy of 5 years! okay--is that commitment or what? so, how many fish goldfish do you think that we will go through before school starts back up on jan. 2nd?


Janice said...

I'd say 5. Just a guess. Could be more.

The Badgers said...

That is interesting another thing I did not know about you. Not a pet lover eh? Well I kind of have to be, I grew up with endless pets and Mike it a total pet lover. No pets for us yet. But a fish? Come on. It's a fish. Good luck :)