Friday, February 8, 2008

watch out!!!!!

a couple days ago i was at the grocery store with our 2 boys. "M" was loving life in riding in the little car cart--gotta love those! he was steering and just utterly amused. as we started down a busy isle i heard him yell--"WATCH OUT! WATCH OUT!" i was afraid that he was going to scare the cute little old man near us--luckily he laughed and thought that it was really cute. he continued to do this several times in different places of the store. when i told my sister about what had happened she asked if "M" thought that I was going to throw up so he was warning the other customers. i don't think that that was the case. i just think that he wanted to let everyone know (and rather loudly!!!) that we were coming! gotta love the grocery store!


Auntie said...

It is great to see that M has gotten over his initial quiet stage. Hmmm...we could have fun with this, if he is warning people now, what could it mean for his future??? Future great missionary, future public service work, future ad campaign manager warning people about the dangers of smoking.... Wow, looks like the future could be wide open for this little one :-)