Wednesday, April 23, 2008


it has been far too long since i have made an entry. things have been crazy, and i haven't been on the computer much. i do miss writing about the events around here, so i thought that i would do a brief catch up!
* this little girl of our is wanting desperately to make her appearance! i have been on another partial bed rest to slow things down. i had both of our boys at 37 weeks, if that is the case here that means 5 1/2 more weeks to go!!!!!!!!
* "M" broke his collar bone while playing at a neighbor's house. he decided to dive off the little slide and do a roll. i didn't know if i should take him in to have it checked because he never cried--he just held his shoulder and wanted to cuddle. i decided to take him in and sure enough it was completely broken. this all happened the day before my birthday--not too fun. but still, through it all he never once cried! he is a pretty tough 3 year old!
* "A" lost his first tooth! i called some friends to hear what the going rate was for the tooth fairy. inflation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* i am really busy with pta getting ready for teacher appreciation week. i have really enjoyed being involved!

well, i think that that about covers it!


The Badgers said...

FUN TO HEAR! Thanks for the update. And when is your B-day?! I want it on my calender. You are so good to get involved with all that school stuff, it is so important. But, take it easy girl!

Janice said...

Welcome back. Hopefully, your little girl decides to be nice to you and sleeps wonderfully once she comes out.