Friday, July 18, 2008

what we do for our kids!

this morning i had an experience that gave me a new appreciation for my parents. the summer is half way over and my kids have not had any swimming lessons. i checked in how to register and when. somehow i got the dates mixed up and thought that it was yesterday. so, i drove over to the pool and got their at 5:30 right when they opened. come to find out--i was wrong on the dates. so home i went. once again, this morning i got there--this time at 5:15. i was the 5th in line. by the time it was my turn there was only one spot left in each of the levels that my boys needed. thank goodness i got there early. i felt bad for the others there, but was sooo excited that i was able to get them in. my boys don't know how exhausted i was today because of this--but i really don't care. i would do anything for them--just as my parents did for me.


Janice said...

I've been there. You are a great mom. Doing that right after having a newborn?!!!

Kristen said...

I think you only truly appreciate what your parents did for you, when you become one and realize all the vomit cleaned, hours of worryied, snacks/meals prepared, bums wiped, car seats buckled, and more and more! They'll have a good time swimming-good for you with a newborn!

Yes, I'd still love whatever you have on speech delays. I have my son seeing two speech therapists right now, so we're getting help and he's making improvements. It's just good to hear from someone who's on the other side of it, to have hope and know what to expect. If you do get a second, please email me, whenever! Thanks and good luck with Baby Girl!