Sunday, January 18, 2009

blasted u.t.i!

ever since i had my second child i have been battling urinary tract infections. it got so bad during my last pregnancy that i was put on a maintenance dose of antibiotics. i still cannot seem to get rid of these awful infections. i always know when i get one because my back kills! i have been on meds for a couple weeks, but knew that the infection didn't clear. after a crazy night (thanks dad! you are the best!) of 3 tests (don't ask!) the dr. informed me that the infection had not cleared and that they would have to give me a different antibiotic, but that i would have to pump and dump for the 7 days that i take it. that broke my heart. first of all, i hate pumping!!!! second, i feel so badly not being able to nurse "H"--she just looks at me like i have abandoned her. i just pray that she will want to continue nursing. i went to prague for 10 days when "M" was 7 months old--he wasn't a great nurser, but didn't have a lot of interest when i got home. i just have to remind myself that this is important for all of us!


Grapefruit said...

I'm sorry Di! That is the worst. I know you've been struggling w/this for a long time. I hope things improve soon. Hang in there!

Suzanne G said...

I'm sorry to hear of this infection. It sounds awful! I hope all goes well with the treatment and your sweet baby H will continue to nurse.

Karlie said...

I am just getting over my first UTI, still on antibiotics. It is awefull! I can't believe you deal with that on top of everything else.

I was devastated when Katie stopped nursing. Looking at baby H is seems she has no problem with where her food comes from LOL! She will be just fine.Take care of yourself.