Friday, April 30, 2010

crazy times

this past week has been a really interesting one. over the past several months i have noticed that my 5 year old--"m"--has seemed to have some hormonal issues. he has pimples on his nose, sweaty armpits, etc. i finally decided to take him into the dr. the dr. agreed that he is extremely tall and thought that it would be good to do an xray of his wrist to show his bone age. a few days ago the dr. called me and told me that i was right on to bring him in and that his bones showed that of a 12 1/2 year old. he told me that there was definitely a problem and that we needed to get to the bottom of it. we were then sent to primary children's hospital to have several viles of blood taken. that was a treat! luckily his auntie who works there let him go crazy at the vending machine! i think that he got one of everything! the dr. called the next day and told me that the 2 tests to see if it was something from his brain came back as negative. we are still waiting to hear on the other tests. there is a possibility that he is lacking an enzyme in his adrenal gland so his body is cranking up the hormones trying to make it--which it can't so it produces male hormones instead. we will see the endocrinologist on wednesday to see what the next step is. he is such a sweet boy and has been through so much. the Lord must have special plans for this great kid!


amy morgan said...

Hugs and prayers for you all! I think it's always hardest not knowing what's going on or what to expect. . what a good mom you are to know something was up! What a lucky boy to have such a caring, loving mom! (AND dad!!)

Gordon said...

I hope they get to the bottom of what is wrong with your sweet little guy. Sara's little guy, not 3 yet, had to have 15 viles of blood taken. The first time they got just a few and it was a nightmare!!! I was in the waiting room and heard him cry and cry and then Sara called me in. I thought they were through, but no, 2 nurses and Sara holding him had gotten a tiny amount. Ugh!!! So I held Sara's iphone with Dora on it to hopefully distract him while the nurses poked and poked the poor little guy, him crying, and got again a tiny amount. Z@#$&#+
Talk about breaking a grandma's heart!!!
The nurses said Sara would have to bring him back a couple of more times. Fortunately her husband went the next time and I stayed home. They did get more blood because Travis was stronger and could hold him stiller. He still may have to go in a second time.
There must be a better way!!

It was nice to see your parents at Gary Bryner's sad funeral.
Much Love,
Sis Lewis