Saturday, February 5, 2011

recap of 2010--A LITTLE LATE!

i have a mountain of laundry that needs to be done. so, as i have loads going i thought that i would jot down a little recap of 2010. it may not be exciting for anyone to read, but i need to do it for myself.

hubby--as always, "K" stayed extremely busy this past year. he continues to teach and has even picked up a class at a nearby university. his dream would be to teach full-time at the university. he is a fabulous designer and teacher, i know that it will happen! he continues to stay busy with his freelance business. he has also been taking tae kwan do. due to some injuries, he hasn't been there as much as he would like. he loves it though, and loves spending time with the boys!

"A"-- a week before his 9th birthday "A" earned his black belt in tae kwan do! he worked extremely hard--often times 6 practices a week. he and his papa were extremely dedicated and it paid off! he was the youngest member of his black belt training phase. he continues to attend classes and is working on his 2nd degree black belt. he mentors at his tae kwan do school once a week. "A" is in the 3rd grade and is doing fabulously! he loves reading, math, and art. he has an incredible teacher who motivates him in such a great way! he loves recess--he and the other boys play soccer. in fact, 2 weeks before his black belt test he broke his pinky finger playing soccer. splint and all he tested for and earned his black belt! he was in a splint for 6 weeks and celebrated the day he was able to take it off!

"M"--quote from our pediatrican--"M" is the happiest kid that i have ever met!" "M" has a laugh like his daddy's--lights up and room and is so contagious! "M" is doing great! after years of speech therapy, he has finished!!!! he has worked so hard and is doing wonderfully!!!! he loves 1st grade, his teacher, and friends. he has become a great reader!!!! he loves to read to sissy--they snuggle up on my bed and read and read and read. like his daddy and brother, "M" is in tae kwan do. he is good!!!!! he loves it and is so fun to watch!

this past spring both boys were diagnosed with CAH (congenital adrenal hyperplasia). the diagnosis has forced us to study a ton and has made us even more grateful for our sweet little boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sissy--i LOVE having a girl!!!!!! sissy turned 2 in june. she is the cutest thing ever! i am not just saying that! she is a minnie me and my parents and sisters remind me of that often! she loves her clothes (which the boys pick out for her), shoes, and having her hair and nails done. she doesn't go anywhere with her "cruisey." she loves girls days with aunties and mommy. our neighbors have kids all the same age as ours--and same genders. needless to say, they are always together!!!!!! sissy spends a lot of time with her nana and papa--the highlight of her day. she loves to be read to and has memorized several books--her latest favorite is "are you my mother."

me--as i think about this year and my life in general--i cannot believe how blessed i am. i have the sweetest, kindest husband, and the perfect children FOR ME! i have relied so heavily on the Lord this past year--and am so grateful for my testimony and relationship with HIM. i am definitely keeping myself busy. for the 2nd year in a row i am serving as the president of our school's pta. i love it!!!! i love the children and teachers at the school. i love that every time i am out in public i have children running up to me and hugging me. what a wonderful gift! this past fall i was called to be in the YW's. i love it! i had most of the girls years ago when they were in activity days.

well, laundry needs to be switched and i am headed to the pool. it has felt so good to think about the past year and to count my many blessings.


papa said...

good to see you have restared your blog, I totally forgot I had one so now it is up again. Keep reminding me to write on it all I will keep reminding you.

Karlie said...

We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

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