Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the most recent happenings

i have not been very faithful with my blogging. we have had a crazy few weeks. i thought that i would jot down a few things that we have been up to.

a couple weeks ago i was upstairs resting while all 3 boys were downstairs. i woke up to the screaming of our 6 year old--"daddy! get me a band aid!!!" the screaming didn't let up. i dragged myself out of bed--went to the top of the stairs and asked if they needed help locating a band aid. the screaming continued. my husband then told me that "A" was really bleeding. i asked him if he meant stitches worthy bleeding. he said "yes!" so, next thing i knew we were packing the boys--screaming hysterically!!!--into the car. we waited for 30 minutes at the e.r. and didn't look like we were going to be seen anytime soon. so, we headed over to the "kids care." "A" was screaming "no stitches" at the top of his lungs! it was awful. he also only wanted his auntie to take care of him. she had movie tickets, which she swallowed and raced from orem to get here. she really calmed him down. the doctor took one look at it and said that he would definitely need stitches. as they were getting ready to prep his finger he was still screaming bloody murder. i asked him if he wanted his daddy to give him a blessing. after the blessing the tears and screaming disappeared. it was awesome! he had 4 injections and 8 stitches. he really was a champ. having them removed 13 days later was another story, i am not going to go there!

another exciting tidbit--i am now 16 weeks pregnant! things look great. my dr. sees me every other week--it has been so great! we will find out in a few weeks what we are having!

things are never dull!!!!!


Janice said...

You know I am partial to little boys, but since you don't have a girl yet, I wish you one of those.

The Badgers said...

I had already heard the stitches story so the end paragraph was my favorite! I can't wait to hear the news. We will get in touch this next week for visiting if you are up to it :)

Bennett's Family Blog said...

Look, I figured it out. You don't put a @ sign after your name, it is just a period. Now I just have to figure out how to add your name to my blog!!!!

auntie said...

I truly think "A" is one of the bravest boys I've seen. He was so cute when he got his stitches because he was entertaining everyone. When I told him that now he would have something to tell about when he went back to school from vacation he replied, "yeah, about how we saw Enchanted and the chipmunk did charades"... Kids are truly the best! And your boys are so amazing even when in the face of difficult things. They will both be great big brothers come this summer.

Hadley Handful said...

Congrats on that baby hun! Be sure to let us know what you're having! Here's hoping its a girl cause they are super super fun! And let me know if you have a shower, I'd love to come!