Friday, January 25, 2008

our little sunbeam

our youngest, "M" moved up into sunbeams (sunday school class @ our church). my friend told me a cute story that happened to "M" a few weeks ago. i thought that it was cute enough to share. "M" has a speech delay--he has had therapy and now attends a little preschool class to work on it. he is doing really great! the first day of sunbeams the sister conducting primary had each of the new sunbeams stand and tell a little about themselves. she would ask them questions and they would answer in front of all of the kids (ages 3-11). when it was "M's" turn she said (keep in mind, i love this gal! she is a cute grandma and a school teacher--she was "m's" nursery teacher when he was 18 mos. but hasn't seen him much since then. when he stood up she said, "now boys and girls, this is "M." "M" doesn't speak very much with his words, but he speaks with his hands--with sign language. here is how it played out----

sister: what is your name?
"m": "m"
sister: oh, i thought that you were going to sign that.
sister: what is your favorite color?
"m": blue
sister: hmmm, i thought that he would sign that.
sister: what is your favorite primary song?
"m": "i am a child of god"
sister: wow. i guess that he wasn't going to sign for us today!

i got such a kick out of that! once again proving that our little "m" is very capable and very STUBBORN! oh, and i must add adorable!!!!!!!!


Garden House Floral said...

I can totally see the progress in "M". And the social skills come naturally for him. He must get it from his mommy :)

Janice said...


auntie said...

There must be something about Sunbeams that has helped him open up :0) Didn't you mention he was a chatterbox this last Sunday? Good thing he is such a sweet kid.

Kathleen Lewis said...

Loved the cute photo of your darling boys in your Christmas card. It was also fun to see your mom and dad in Boulder, CO. Sorry you are so sick with your expected little one. I can totally empathize since I was sick the whole 9 months with my last two. However it is totally worth it-- Look at them now. Got you blogsite from reading your comment on The Lewis Girls blog.