Tuesday, August 19, 2008

who has he been kissing???

My little 'M" has mono! What in the world? I took him in last week because his throat hurt. I had also noticed that his glands were HUGE! They checked him for strep (that was negative) and agreed that his glands were very swollen--but that was it. A few days ago his nose started running and he was coughing a ton. I started him on breathing treatments but they didn't really seem to help. So last night we took him to the kids care. He had 3 breathing treatments but still wasn't doing great. The doctor mentioned that he might have mono and that we could get him tested if we wanted. I hated to put him through the pain of a test, but I wanted the peace of mind. He was a champ! No crying, just a little grunt! Mind you, this is the same kid who didn't cry when he broke his collar bone. He is one tough cookie! Actually, that is what he wanted--a cookie. We told him that after the test he could have a package of cookies from the vending machine. He was happy as a clam. They called tonight and said that the test came back positive. Oh what fun! It is going to be tricky though--no contact sports for 6 weeks--he cannot take a blow to his splene (sp??). He is our rough and tumble crazy one. This is going to be interesting!


Tiffany said...

Wow, that's a fun one! How in the world does a 4 yr old get mono? Wait, if I think about that for a second, I guess it's not that strange, right? We were at the splashground yesterday and saw this toddler on all fours, drinking like a camel! It all goes around, I guess!