Thursday, March 12, 2009


my sweet "M" is having surgery tomorrow. he has a cholesteatoma in his ear. basically that means that he has normal cells growing in an abnormal place. it grows like a tumor and has wrapped around his eardrum. they will have to lift up the eardrum to get it out. i am trying so hard to be calm and to put my trust in the Lord. i don't know what i would do without the gospel or the priesthood in our home. i feel so blessed to have such amazing priesthood holders in our family--"K" and my dad. i am waiting by the phone for the hospital to call to let us know the details for tomorrow. i am curious to see if once the cholesteatoma is removed if we will see any changes in his speech. i cannot believe that he has lost 30 decibels of hearing. my poor sweet boy. please keep him in your prayers.


Auntie said...

I'm sure our little monkey will do great tomorrow. He is an awesome kid and is very brave. Hope he enjoys his surgery class today and that it helps him understand things better tomorrow so he does not get scared. He is definately in all of our prayers... as is your whole little family.

Grapefruit said...

Good Luck. We will remember him in our prayers. Hang in there!

kmmclain said...

You are in my prayers. I'm sure everything will go great!
Let us know how it goes.