Friday, June 5, 2009

last day of 1st grade

summer is officially here! today was "A's" last day of 1st grade. before he left for school this morning he said to me--"don't tell me that you are going to cry"--does this kid know me or does he know me? he has had a fantastic year. i have loved, loved, loved his teacher. she has a very similar personality to "A" so they really jived. i feel so blessed that my hubby, mom, dad, and i were all able to volunteer in his classroom. i will miss that group of kids. i am so proud of my sweet boy. he is such a joy--he loves learning and life. i am so blessed to be the mother of these 3 amazing children.


Auntie said...

It is amazing that A is already done with first grade, yet at the same time he seems ready to move on to a higher level. I love to see his enthusiasm for learning and ability to remember all that he reads and hears. How many kids love non-fiction books the way he does? It will be fun to see how he continues to learn through various activities over the summer.