Tuesday, June 23, 2009


my cute hubby and i leave tomorrow for our long awaited anniversary getaway! for christmas my sisters surprised us with a trip to lava hot springs. thank you! my wonderful parents also surprised us with "trip money"-how great! thanks! we are sooo excited to play! it has been a long time since the two of us went somewhere alone. i absolutely cannot wait! we will miss the kids dearly, but they are so excited to play with their aunties!
happy 10th anniversary honey (on the 25th)--love you so much!
thanks for asking!


Auntie said...

Happy Anniversary. Have fun and enjoy playing and relaxing. Don't worry about the kids, they will be great. Love you guys!

Tiffany said...

Happy anniversary! Hope you guys had a fun getaway...that is the best thing ever!

Angie said...

I read this post a while back and never commented--probably a baby started crying or something.
Anyway, I was tickled that you went to Lava for your anniversary trip! My parents are from Soda Springs (just a few more minutes down the road from Lava Hot Springs) and we went there for every single summer vacation growing up to visit cousins and grandparents. A trip to the big pools at Lava was always part of our summer. Fun memories!! Hope you guys had a great time and enjoyed being together (away from kiddos!).

Angie said...

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