Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am starting to get scared!

Now that I will be having this little one any day--I am starting to panic! I have had really interesting labors and deliveries with both of my boys. I am starting to worry about the whole process--going through it again! "A" had a great delivery! I contracted the day before--but never anything closer than 10-2- minutes apart. This continued throughout the night. Finally the next morning "K" said that we had to go in. When we got there they said that I was on the "magic bed" because the contractions totally stopped. An hour later they checked me--I had progressed to a 4--who knows how?!?--the gave me my epidural--which was great--and some pitocin (sp?)--and a few hours later--2 pushes and he was here!
"M" was a different story! I had contractions for 5 weeks before he was born--just like with this one. My water broke--contractions stopped--we went to the hospital and were admitted. Got the epidural--nightmare!!!!!!!! My nerve was hit--i will never forget the awful zing up and down my spine!!! My doctor came in and noticed that i was not numb--AT ALL! but, I was at a 10. 2 pushes later he was born--but delivering the placenta--PIECE BY PIECE was horrible pain! When the nurse went to remove the epidural they noticed that it had fallen out! no wonder it hurt soooooo bad!
So, having all of this fresh in my memory has started to freak me out! Plus, my doctor will be out of town next week! He told me that he thinks and hopes that I will deliver this week. Lucky for me, in the past I have delivered quickly, but I am still really scared!


Suzy said...

I keep checking in expecting the big announcement, so I'm glad you've been posting lots this week!

Sorry you're having last minute jitters. You'll do great. And after all's said and done, you'll have that beautiful little girl in your arms instead of in your belly. You can do it! Good luck!!

The Badgers said...

It is kinda freaky every time huh. Well, I know you are strong and everything will go smoothly for you. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Angie said...

Oh Di! I was cringing reading your description. Good luck! Hope it goes just like the first one!