Thursday, June 26, 2008

the latest

so, things have not really panned out how we planned. how funny that i thought that i had it all figured out--"H" would come at 37 weeks, etc. prideful gal that i am thinking that i know all!
she is still happy and content inside of me. i am dying of heat--gotta love pina colada slurpees! yesterday we celebrated out 9 year anniversary. we definitely didn't think that i would still be pregnant, so we had an interesting--but great day! i love "K" soooo much and cannot imagine a person more perfect for me! i spent most of the day in the hospital. steady, big contractions--but one problem. my cervix is now posterior. until it moves, even though i contract like crazy--i will not go further than the 2 that i am at. i have an induction scheduled--my dr. cannot get me in until 7/9--my actual due date! yikes! then, last night "M" started vomiting and diarreha. poor kid. he has been sleeping for about 3 hrs. now. needless to say, none of us have had much sleep. so, i cannot believe that i am saying this, but i really hope that "H" doesn't come today! i need a nap!


Angie said...

Oh man! Get some rest, momma. Good thing you have some good family closeby to help out!

Annie said...

Its amazing how kids can put you in your place isn't it! We love you guys! Good luck with everything? PS Shoot me an email, I'm curious what "H"'s name is?

Mandi said...

I was really hoping to hear about the birth and see pictures by now! Stubborn little girl isn't she?!
Best wishes Di. I will keep checking back. Hope the lttle one feels better and you get some rest.

The Badgers said...

Hang in there! She will come when she is ready. I know it is frustrating. At least you have a set date. July 9th!!! YEAH!

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

HELLO! I am so glad you found my blog! Yes, we are so close but, the baby doesn't want to come out either! My due date is Monday but, I know he is not coming!

How are things with you? Where are you guys now?

Love Liz