Tuesday, June 17, 2008

amazing progress!

it has been so exciting lately to see how much "M" is improving with his speech! if you didn't know you wouldn't think that he has had any trouble with his speech. it is so great to have people comment on how well he is speaking. i am soooo glad that we caught the speech delay early. i am such a firm believer in early intervention! he is the funniest little boy and says that greatest things! one of our favorites was during sacrament meeting when he blurted out "my bum burped!" we have a family with teenagers that sit behind us each week--they always thank us for the entertainment. "M" is quite the funny one!
we feel so blessed to have these 2 incredible boys!
oh--exciting news--"M" is completely potty trained! there might be some regression when the baby comes--but for now we are thrilled!


Kristen said...

Hey Di-So my son has a speech delay also. I'm really interested in what's worked for you guys. I know you're so close to delivering...but if you get a minute to email me, I'd be so grateful. Don't worry if it takes a while to get back to me! I know your hands are going to be quite full!