Sunday, November 2, 2008

future politican

well, i think that we may have found a possible career for "M". yesterday he and i hand delivered political fliers for my sister (she is friends with someone running for office). "M" had the greatest time hanging them on the doorknobs. he would run from house to house. he was quick and the smile never left his face--except for when he face planted on the sidewalk--yikes!!! he was adorable when he would get to the doors--he would say "they don't have one. here you go!" then he would hang it on the handle and off to the next house.
watch out! you may see his name on the ballot in a few years!


Angie said...

Don't you love child labor? (I do! Can't wait until mine are old enough!)

Karlie said...

You are such a good mom. So involved. I loved hearing about all you did to make their Halloween experience enjoyable. I will start doing that stuff as soon as Jeffrey starts appreciating it.

Wendy said...

It all starts when they're young. I've been quizzing the girls on their Presidential history. Dom keeps calling Carter, Jimney Carter...which is hilarious. She has it mostly right. Nothing like healthy door to door canvasing to make you feel a part of our great democratic process.