Friday, November 14, 2008

how hard can it be?

while i am writing this i am on hold with our power company. in august we bought an energy saving washer and dryer and were promised rebates from the power and electric companies. one check came (2 months ago)--while the other we still haven't seen. i called them a month ago and the said that they never received the forms from us. i refaxed them and was told that the check would be here in 3 weeks. today i received a call saying that they needed more info. what more could they need??? when i got the lady on the phone she that they had the info and that we would be receiving the check in december. i demanded to speak with the gal that i have worked with in the past. she isn't understanding why the check hasn't been processed either. what in the world? is it really that hard!
pet peave--when you ask to speak with a supervisor they tell you that there isn't one there because they are on vacation. do they all take a vacation when there is a problem.
how funny is this? the nice gal just said that she would grab the supervisor. vacation anyone?


kener4 said...

I had the EXACT same thing happen to me with my washer/dryer rebate!
Good news, I got mine!

Suzanne G said...

Di, love ya girl! Glad you got that rebate stuff worked out after 2 months. Sorry to hear about "A" below. Poor kid. We gotta get together.