Thursday, October 18, 2007


we had a marvelous trip to disneyland! going to disneyland for 4 days is a ton of walking! i should have brought my stepometer. we had such a great time! my parents and sisters came too. here are some of the highlights--plus one not so great moment. i will start with the negative. tuesday morning at 3:30 am the fire alarm went off. it was terrifying! we had to climb down 1o flights of stairs--carrying our sleepy and alarmed children. all that i could think of was 9/11--this is nothing in comparison of seriousness--but i couldn't get it out of my head. it ended up that it was just some teenagers partying--it did make for a very exhausting next day!
okay--here are some of the highlights:
*being with our whole family. we all had such a great time!
*dinner at goofy's kitchen. our youngest loved it and was adored by all of the characters. our oldest was more reserved--surprise, surprise.
*lunch at club 33. that was so amazing! we were able to see the table from mary poppins and many of walt's sketches. my hubby ate that up!!!!!!
*our whole family received dream fast passes! now that was cool!
so, now we are home and back to the grind. my washing machine has not had a break! our oldest had a really hard time going back to school. oh, did i mention our luggage didn't make it home with us! we had a nearly perfect trip--so we were okay!


The Badgers said...

Fun to hear about! We are going to Irvine California for Thanksgiving to be with Mike's parents and Grandparents. We are so excited.