Saturday, October 6, 2007

tagged--exicting info about me--hah!!!!

i now officially feel like a blogger. i often read my friends blogs when they got tagged. now that i have a blog, my friend annie has tagged me. so, here goes!

1. what were you doing 10 years ago?
i was attending BYU. i was starting the seminary program. i was an efy counselor. i was playing a ton! i was the relief society president in my BYU ward which kept me really busy.

2. 5 years ago?
we had just moved into our home. our oldest was not quite a year old. i was adjusting to being a mom (and loving it!!!) after teaching seminary for 4 years.

3. 1 year ago?
yikes! i need to consult my journal for that one! hmmmm. my oldest was just starting preschool. i was busy playing with our youngest.

4. yesterday?
doctors, doctors, doctors. we are all sick. both boys got their flu shots. trauma!!!!!!!!! my cute sisters picked us up dinner from chili's. (i do have the greatest family in the world!!!)

5. 5 favorite snacks?
hot chocolate (i drink it 364 days a year), smoothies, cherry coke (from sonic), granola bars (the new butter toffee ones--yum!), popcorn.

6. if i had one million dollars what would i do with it?
make it so my husband wouldn't have to work so much! take our family on a fun trip! go to prague with my hubby. save it for my children's college funds. wait, did you say just one million?

7. 5 places i would run away to?
disneyland (we will be there shortly!!!!), our bedroom (i would love to just lie on the bed and read all day!), prague, boulder, hawaii.

8. 5 favorite tv shows?
blue's clues of course!!!!!, biggest loser, the bachelor (did i just admit to that?), anything on hgtv and food network.

9. 5 things i hate?
when people are mean to my children, confrontations, eggs, putting away the laundry (why do you think that i am blogging right now, when my family is sick.

10. 5 people i tag?
all of you have already been tagged--but humor me!
janice, ani, karlie, mike, sara


The Badgers said...

I have not gotten this kind of tag before so that's OK. I will give it a shot. There are some interesting things about you on there. Really....the Bachelor? I would have never thought we were so much alike!
And Jeffrey and I are also sick. :(

Amber said...

Hurray! Welcome to the blogosphere, Di. What a fun trip down memory lane in your fist meme!

Oh, and MR's blog:

The Weaver Family said...

I resurrected my old personal blog and attached it to Oliver's profile, making one big family profile, with mine and Oliver's blogs linked off of it. Now we just have to convince Rian to start a blog!

Anyhow, I answered your tag. :)

Kristen said...

You posted on my blog, and asked if I grew up in Boulder-Yes! My maiden name was Bowerman and I think that you're Diane, my childhood babysitter? Am I right? I love your cute stories and thoughts on your blog-can you add photos? I wanted to make sure it was you!

Thanks for finding me. I don't want to go on and on too much here...If you want to get in touch,