Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I need a vacation!!!!!! (another one)

uugghh! i am pooped! i never thought (pre-children) that i would be so tired as a stay at home mom! poor sick husband started back to work today. he probably shouldn't be there. . . we will see how the day pans out. he brought the nebulizer (sp?) with him to his office. lovely, that will look great if he has any meetings with clients! i have been busy as a bee! here is just a little list (i need to just vent). dropped my oldest off at school, rushed home for my youngest to get on his little bus for preschool, ran to the dry cleaners, bank, back to the school to bring my oldest his red bracelet for red ribbon week (i realized he left it home--he is so excited that if all the kids bring their's all week they will get a surprise), scrubbed the hard wood, started dinner, washed the couch covers, ran to the store to buy new halloween plates (i gave my children's away to some neighbors when we were spooked (i had to replace them before my boys found out!), laundry, etc. my sweet friend janice just brought over a diet coke. oh bless her!!!!!!!! now back to work and back to playing with my youngest!


Janice said...

Yes, I am sweet and you are welcome. You deserved it after your crappy morning.

The Badgers said...

Oh man are you swamped! Maybe it was good we didn't go visiting today. I was thinking you might have your hands full, but you are too good to say no. Love you tons.

The Weaver Family said...

Aw wow, you did have a bad morning! You sound like a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest! hee hee