Friday, October 26, 2007


help! i feel like i am being sucked in! i feel like i am living at my son's school. of course, it is totally my fault. i love to help out and am terrible (as all my friends know!) at saying "no!" i was there (with my 3 year old--who only escaped once!) from 9:15-1:30. i have also gotten myself roped into (once again, by my own doing) into helping (a lot!) with the book fair. i also need to get things finalized for the halloween party, etc. etc. etc.
oh, did i mention the outlandish time that i have spent on getting things ready for super saturday--tomorrow!?!
once again, this is all my doing--but my head is swimming and i just wanted to vent! i really need a nap!


scabiosa said...

I am just about ready to take my nap. I am thinking of you. Hopefully we get this weekend to rest up for another SUPER busy week next week with Halloween and stuff. But Super Saturday was SOOO worth it and way fun I just love it when we all get together and chat with the ladies in the ward. So many wonderful people.

scabiosa said...

Sorry that message was from Karlie.

Gabriela said...

Hi Di. Just say NO!!! (I know it's hard, I like to say yes too.)