Sunday, June 22, 2008


this little girl inside of me most definitely is trying to make a point! she is not her brothers and will come when she is good and ready (which really is a good thing, but i am sooo tired of thinking that "it's time!!!!!!!" on friday my contractions were very consistent and i thought that "it was time!" so we went to the hospital--again--i really feel foolish, but what else can i do? i was checked at the ob at my appt. on tuesday--still a 1 1/2. when i was checked on friday i had gone to a 2! i have never done that before without being in the hospital--i was so excited! the contractions were consistent and we thought that it was "the day!" we then walked for 30 min. i became a "stretchy 2." an hour later when i was checked the nurse couldn't find my placenta. that was strange! i was hoping that that meant that i had fully dilated! but, no--she found it about 10 minutes later--still at a 2. so discouraging! i am so grateful though for a patient husband, parents--my mom sits in the waiting room and my dad has our boys, and sisters. we are a blessed family. let's just get this little one here safe and soon (for my sanity!)

today is my parent's 46th wedding anniversary! i love them both sooooo much! they are amazing examples for us! happy anniversary! i hope to give you a baby today!! heehee!


Suzy said...

You need to send that little girl her eviction notice! False alarms are never fun, but at least all those irregular contractions are working in the right direction. Any day now, I bet. Hang in there!