Friday, October 19, 2007

my poor sickie husband!

i feel so bad for my sick husband! he is now going on week 3 of this awful sickness! we spent much of general conference in the emergency room. after 2 sets of chest xrays they said that he had possible early pneumonia. so, 3 medicines later we thought he was on the mend. then, the day before our trip he was really sick again. he saw our dr. and she said that he now had a sinus infection. well, the magic of disneyland seemed to make him better. he did really well on the trip. on monday he went back to the doctor--sinus infection was still bad--but okay other than that. wednesday night-sick, sick. yesterday--back to the dr.--blood work and then back to the hospital for more chest x-rays. the doctor was very concerned because after 3 rounds of antibiotics he still wasn't any better--worse actually. we were not home even an hour from the hospital when our doctor called to say that he has full blown pneumonia and croup! what in the world????????? to bed for him!!!!!! i think i need a little nap too!


The Badgers said...

If you need anything let me know. Hope he recovers quickly now with some actual rest.

Janice said...

So sad and frustrating. Keep your chin up.

Janice said...

Make sure you blog about your super saturday project. You are a dear person you has put way too many hours into that! Make sure your RS appreciates you.